4. Arca Lab

Designed in 2014 by Atelier Marko Brajovic, Arca is a IF AWARD project, an lightweight architecture installed in the Atlantic Rain Forest. Built in self-supporting structure, the space offers all the comforts and technologically equipment, integrates the natural environment in a respectful and sensitive manner.

Fully equipped house, that can host up to 25 participants if fully equipped with technical and technological equipments for lecturing, workshops, team buildings, cerimonies and meditations. Furthermore, hammocks in the forest to rest, waterfall with natural pool for swimming, deck and space for indoor and outdoor Yoga, were thought as fundamental elements for a rich experience that unites physical and spiritual, essential for the connection with nature, people and creativity.

#LOCATION: Paraty - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Paraty is a lovely colonial city, considered a National Historic Landmark, it still preserves its natural and architectural charms, as old houses and historic churches, rooted in local culture. It is an important place for cultural events in the country. The natural environment in astonishing as dozens of islands, beaches, waterfall and the highest biodiversity of the Atlantic Rainforest. You can find out more about Paraty here.