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During a period from 2013 to 2017 several lecturers had a chance to share their knowledge in the respective programs.

André L. Araújo - Architect

Architect and Urban Planner. He is currently a fellow at FAPESP and doctoral student at Unicamp, partnerships with the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where he develops complex adaptive systems inspired by natural emergency procedures for the design and production of complex architectural structures.

Andrea Bandoni - Architect/Designer

Master in Design from Design Academy Eindhoven and architect from FAU USP. Works as a designer with strong authorial production. For her, objects are human extensions that have to stimulate a critical eye and offer new perspectives on an extra-saturated world of 'things'. Conducts projects focused on studies of contexts, processes and sustainability as "The Object Without a Story" or "Forest Objects" - the latter in the Brazilian Amazon. Andrea is also a teacher, founder of the Fab Lab Brazil and consultant in several innovation projects.

Andrea Macruz - Architect

Holds B.A. degree in Architecture from “Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie” and Master Degree in Biodigital Architecture from EsArq_UiC in Barcelona. Andrea have worked at some architecture offices, including “Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto” in Paris and has partaken in international exhibitions, such as the “Architecture Beijing Biennale 2008” and the “SaloneSatellite 2014.

Christian Ullmann - Industrial Designer

Specialist in Sustainable Design. Degree in Industrial Design from the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of Buenos Aires. Lived in Brazil since 1996. He received awards in Italy, Brazil and Argentina with residential furniture, office and objects. Teacher at IED-SP, a researcher at the Center for Design & Sustainability UFPR. Columnist Magazine abcDesign, Latin American Network of Design and Design Portal Brazil. Since 2001 is a partner office director iT Projects acting as consultant specializing in product development with social and environmental responsibility.

Daniel Lenz - Architect/Engineer

Technologist in Mechatronics from CEFET-Ce and Architect and Urbanist from Federal Univerisdade of Ceará (UFC), currently studying Master of Architecture, Technology and City from Unicamp on Performative Architecture. Looking at the world with bias of General Systems Theory, does not see much distinction between architecture and mechatronics, and investigates more about Complexity.

Daniela Ruiz - Architect

Architect and landscape, graduated from Mackenzie University and Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

David Tajchman - Architect

Architect and educator based in Paris, his practices are linked with the teaching of Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture. His studio, named "Future of Natures", ask students to be inspired by nature (s), in order to develope their own language of architecture.

Dudu Tsuda - Artist/Composer

Multimedia artist, sound artist, musician, composer, performer, music producer and guest professor at PUC. Master in Intelligence Technologies Program and Digital Design at PUC-SP and graduated in Communication in Multimedia at PUC - SP. Participated in the Tokyo Experimental Festival vol. 08 - Tokyo / Japan 2013) and nominated for the Award Sergio Motta 2009.

Edgar Andrès Ochoa - Biotechnologist

Doctor's degree in Biotechnology from Universidade de São Paulo (2012) and post doctor's degree in Microbiology. In sinthetic biology, has experience with development of molecular tools, applications for the generation of bioenergy and agencies handling platforms.

Eduardo Dias - Architect

Architect with Master in Biodesign from Universidade São Judas Tadeu. Author of the book - Nature in Design Process and Project Development.

Erico Perella - Environmental Chemist

Environmental Chemist from Universidade de São Paulo - USP, with experience in computer simulation, information retrieval and computational intelligence. Co-founder of visual search company VTX Brazil and co-founder of Itatijuca BioTech.

Felipe Morozini - Photographer/Artist

Artist who develops works that go beyond photography for magazines and fashion catalogs. He has exhibited in several countries and made his first solo exhibition at Gallery Zipper in Sao Paulo. He's got a studio of creative projects involving scenography, design, objects and thoughts.

Fernando Andrade - Biologist

Biologist with MA and PhD in Ecology from Unicamp. He was head of the zoology department and managing director of the UNICAMP teachers Association. Currently he gives lectures and classes on ecology and environmental education.

Halim Madi - Economist

Halim grew up a geek, studied finance and data mining then dived into the world of startups. His interest in technology on one hand and personal passion for philosophy and poetry on the other leads to strange mixes. Programmatic prayers, APIs for the soul, Engineering epiphanies etc. In his spare time, Halim mainly breeds Impossibles.

Jean Bruno Morissette - Architect

Master in Architecture and Urbanism from École d'Architecture de l'Université Laval, Canadá and Escola da Cidade in São Paulo, currently works at Aki Dado Arquitetura.

João Mognon - Designer

Co-founder of Box1824, a research agency of trends in consumption, behavior and innovation. He helps design future scenarios and anticipate behavioral movements through strategic intelligence projects.

Luka Brajovic - Interaction Designer

Luka is a multi-disciplinary designer focused on user experiences, interfaces, and interaction design. Luka is graduated in Industrial Design and 3D Modelling, with a Master in Arts in Digial Game Design. He has lived and worked in Zagreb, Barcelona, London, Shanghai and currently in Sao Paulo. He is passionate about interactive software and hardware, music development, custom hardware and new modes of interaction. Among various workshops Luka also used to teach Digital Game Programming and a Master in Arts in London.

Marko Brajovic - Architect/ Designer/ Founder

Croatian architect graduated in Venice and Master of Genetic Architecture in Barcelona. Marko lives in Brazil, which is dedicated to architecture to implement the concepts of biomimicry. Founding partner of Atelier Marko Brajovic, he has developed several projects in the Amazon forest with bamboo constructions. In his office based in São Paulo, Marko works in different areas as architecture, scenography, design, interactive and multi-sensory environments.

Mikael Soares - Biochemist

Worked as manager in science and technology in the Technology Center of Regional Development Viçosa on an interface initiative between companies and universities. Currently working on Natura, in the field of Management and Innovation Networks with open innovation and entrepreneurship - now with large companies and startups interface. Enthusiast in biomimetics, hard science, creativity and entrepreneurial education, issues on which also develops projects, especially when multidisciplinary.

Pablo Lastra - Biologist

Graduated in Biology from ESALQ - USP, works at Marcenaria Goitacá creating pieces, furnitures and environments. 
Lecture topics include: Driving systems in plants, Water balance in plants, Systems to adaptations on flights, Physiological mechanisms of the leaf movement.

Rafael Paolini - Architect

Architect, graduated from Mackenzie University. More than ten years working with sustainable buildings, more actively with bamboo processing! Participated in workshops and training courses in Brazil and abroad, in centers like IPEC (Goias) and CBRC (China).

Rita Wu - Designer/ Artist

Designer and artist, currently working on synthetic biology and biohacking. Enthusiast of everything involving living beings, interdisciplinary by nature and "indisciplinary" by choice, she is master student in Architecture and Urbanism at USP and professor in Fashion graduation at SENAC. Also she teaches electronics and programming and she is architect at the Culture Secretary of São Paulo City Hall.

Roberto Strumpf - Ecologist

Degree on Biology from University of São Paulo with a focus on Human Ecology (2004). Specialist in Environmental Sciences from the University of Sydney (2008). Founder and Director of Environment at OSCIP Green Initiative for 2 years, coordinating measurement of project GHG emissions and compensation through forest restoration. Worked as Project Coordinator in the Center for Sustainability of the Getulio Vargas Foundation - 2009 GVces to 2011, which was in charge of projects related to climate change and ecosystem services. WRI consultant for the development of the GHG Protocol for agriculture between 2012 and 2014. He is currently Managing Partner of Pangea Capital.

Victor Mancini - Engineer

Graduated in Materials Technology, is a researcher in Bio-inspiration in functional materials.

Victor Sardenberg - Architect

Student of Master of Arts at the Städelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt am Main, and holds a bachelor diploma of Architecture and Urbanism from Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie, São Paulo, Brazil. He worked as an architect at SUBdV Architecture and is the co-author of “Arquiteturas Avançadas” among with Affonso Orciuoli, a blog associated with the most important architecture magazine in Brazil, Revista AU.