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Talks by Nature

Venue: Arca Lab, Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil.

Talks by Nature is an event that, since 2013, invites designers, architects, artists and scientists interested in biomimetics for round-table discussions and presentation of ideas. We aim to create an environment for knowledge exchange between professionals and researchers from different fields. If you are interested to present your research and participate as lecturer, write us a message and we will inform you about a next edition. Participation is free!

Talks by Nature #7
Feb 28th 2015

The first talk to take place in the Arca Lab location. The largest Talks yet included a comprehensive list of inspiring speakers and followed by our first Design by Nature workshop.


- João Mognon – Designer - Meditation

- Marko Brajovic – Architect – Biomimetic and projects

- Grazzielle Zacaro – Forest Engineer - Vegetation

- André L. Araújo – Architect and urban planner - Architectural interpretation of cellular automata

- Mikael Soares – Biochemical - Hi-tech molecular: after all, what is life?

- Fernando Andrade – Ecologist - The Atlantic Forest design: look of an environmentalist

- Rafael Paolini – Architect - Bamboo and its supply chain

- Felipe Morozini – Photographer and Artist - The universe is bigger than the views we have about it

- Christian Ullmann – Designer – Inspiration and design

- Roberto Strumpf – Biologist - Ecosystem services and their impact on quality of life

- Andrea Macruz– Architect – Design inspired by natural processes

- Pablo Lastra – Biologist - Physiological mechanisms of the leaf movement

- Rita Wu – Designer e Artist - Body, space and technology: a wearable computing  and the body as gadget


Talks by Nature #6
Dec 16th 2014

A very inspiring sequence of inter-disciplinary talks about shapes functions and the forest. 


- Daniel Lenz – Architect - Deserts

- Andrea Bandoni – Designer – Forest objects

- Halim Madi – Entrepreneur - Programatic Players

Talks by Nature #5
Aug 15th 2014

Emptiness as a creation tool, book presentation, permeable boundaries between Architecture and Biology, bio-inspired functional materials and a little about the Design by Nature community.


- João Mognon – Designer - Meditation

- Eduardo Dias – Architect – Presentation of the book Nature in the Design Process and Project Development

- Edgar Andrés – Biologist – Technological convergences

- Victor Mancini - Materials engineer - Bio-Inspired Functional Materials

Talks by Nature #4
May 28th 2014

Biomimetic processes in Architectural projects, Adaptations fo Flight in the Animal Kingdom and byNature Website launch.


- Andrea Macruz – Architect – Milan Design Week: perspectives

- Victor Sardenberg – Architect – Parametric Design

- Pablo Lastra – Biologist – Adaptation systems to flight

Talks by Nature #3
Apr 10th 2014

This session features: Erico Perrella - "Editing techniques and DNA modification and its applications", Jean-Bruno Morissette - "Simultaneous influence between landscape and architecture", Edgar Andres Ochoa - "Biotechnology and Sinthetic Biology" and with a great creative meditation fine-tuning introduction by João Mognon.


- Erico Perrella – Architect – Water cycle

- João Mognon – Designer - Meditation

- Jean Bruno – Architect – Simultaneous influence between landscape and architecture

- Edgar Andrès – Biologist - Biotech and synthetic biology

Talks by Nature #2
Jan 23rd 2014

Spontaneous Gardens, Hydro-balance of plants, meditation and lecture about emptiness, plant interaction research, biomimetic art and architecture.


- Daniela Ruiz – Architect – Spontaneous gardens

- João Mognon – Designer – Meditation and learnings about the empty

- Luka Brajovic – Interactive Designer – Research about interaction with plants

- David Tajchman – Architect - Kaplinski

- Pablo Lastra – Biologist – Water balance of plants

Talks by Nature #1
Dec 1st 2013

Presentation of biomimetic research and technologies. Biological conduction systems.


- Andrea Macruz – Architect - Research in biomimetic and technology

- Eduardo Altino – Architect - Research in biomimetic and technology

- Pablo Lastra – Biologist - Driving system of plants

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