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Systems by Nature

Workshop: Systems by Nature 
Last edition: 25nd October 2017
Venue: Arca Lab, Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil.

Speakers: Jorge Ferreira, Marko Brajovic and Fernanda Ravanholi, Danielle Sanfins 

The experience takes place in a heart of the Atlantic Forest, at Arca Lab ecological community, close to a charming Paraty village. 
Guided by the internationally well known intuitive botanic Jorge Ferreira, assisted by producer Fernanda Ravanholi, and architect Marko Brajovic the experience is an integral and unique introduction to ecosystem thinking that integrates learning in agroforesty culture, forage plants, experimental structure and theory in Ancestral architecture and life-stile.
Starting with a guided walk through the Atlantic Forest participants collected forager eatable plants and visited local ecosystem and traditional indigenous agroforestry while learning about Ancestral Future integrated architecture systems as well. 
Finally, directed by chefs Danielle Sanfins and Roberta Valente, a group participated at a delicious lunch made out of collected local forage plants!