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Photography by Nature

Workshop: Photography by Nature 
Last edition: 23rd to 27th Sept 2015
Venue: Arca Lab, Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil.

Speakers: Felipe Morozini, invited guests and key-lecture by Alessandra Araujo.

How to think the nature and possibilities in contemporary photography? For lovers of photography and nature, the workshop offers an immersive and unique experience of studying and applying nature inspirations in photography projects. During classes, you have the opportunity to study part of the ecosystem in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest with the help of a biologist, learning from nature processes of creating visual narratives to develop your original project, accompanied by the photographer and artist Felipe Morozini. In addition to the project development, the workshop is scheduled for the same week of Photography Festival Paraty em Foco, so you can visit parallel activities, expand your knowledge and communicate your work. At the end of the workshop, there will be an exhibition of the projects and a collective discussion at the festival.