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Design by Nature

Workshop: Design by Nature
Last edition: 3rd to 9th March 2015
Venue: Arca Lab, Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil.

Speakers: Marko BrajovicAndrea Macruz, Pablo Lastra, Rita Wu and Luka Brajovic.

An intensive experience of study and application of natural strategies in architecture and design projects. An immersion in generative modelling processes exploiting biomimicry as design strategy. Have the chance to be part of the ecosystem in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest region of Paraty and thus understand its flora and fauna and the relationship with the art and culture of local communities, such as the use of natural and pressed fibres. As a result, we will produce bamboo structures, as an ecological alternative to wood, applying all learning as studying emerging patterns and functional, artificial and natural interfaces and their relationship to the architecture and design.