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Workshop editions: 
Fliers Tropicales, 31 August - 09 September 2018
Floating Architecture(Climate Change Challenge), 25 August-02 September 2017 
Digital Vernacular, 22-28 August 2016
Jungle Watts, 10-19 August 2015

Venue: Mamori Lab, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil.

An intensive experience of study and application of natural strategies in architecture and design projects. An immersion in parametric processes exploiting biomimicry as design strategy. Have the chance to be part of the ecosystem in the Amazon Rainforest and thus understand its flora and fauna and the relationship with the art and culture of local communities. 

The workshop will take place in a simple but comfortable wooden lodge by the Mamori lake shore, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. The initial exploratory days of analysis and data collection will offer the participants the possibility to discover the astonishing Amazon ecosystem and interact with the local communities. A series of lectures about design, architecture and biology will provide students with an understanding of innovative concepts at the forefront of architecture.

· Students will receive a certificate from the Architectural Association.
· Students will develop skills in parametric modelling using Rhino and Grasshopper.
· Students will gain an understanding of concepts like biomimetics, emergence, self-organization and, material and biological systems.

· Students will have a "hands on" experience in prototyping and construction with specialist and local community integrated process.

· Past students have described the workshop as a “once-in-a-lifetime learning trip”, “awesome immersive experience”, “new method to learn”, “another way to make architecture”, “an amazing way to connect with nature”.

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