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2.1. Innovation by Nature

Innovation inspired by Nature 

What happens when you displace your professional team in the middle of nature? How we can make innovation in products of any kind, if we do not get out of our everyday environment? Where do the best ideas come from!? Nature is a 3.8 billion old designer. We can learn basic strategies from nature and apply them as methodology for innovation in different areas. Innovation ByNature offers a hands-on custom made workshop for companies and institutions headed by professionals that want to learn and experiment with biomimicry. 
An immersive experience where natural environment, together with specific methodologies, becomes an inspiration for learning, sharing, team building and finally innovation.
Innovation by Nature program is coordinated by the architect Marko Brajovic, designer Nacho Marti and biologist Alessandra Araujo and/or invited specialists by the respective institution.