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ATELIER MARKO BRAJOVIC - Grown in Brazil 2006-2016

Author: Marko Brajovic

Curator: Federica Sandretti

Copyrights: Atelier Marko Brajovic

Edition: First edition, São Paulo - Brazil

Publisher: Kobajagi Design, Serviços e Empreendimentos LTDA. 

Pages: 240

Print: IPSIS Gráfica e Editora

ISBN: 978-85-92822-00-2

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We trust in nature as the widest concept imaginable, ranging from the mystery of the universe to Planet Earth, our home, our Pachamama. We also trust in human nature with its beauties, contradictions and dreams.

IN NATURE WE TRUST is the result of a wish to share Atelier Marko Brajovic´s most intimate inspirations, concepts and creative processes in works from the last 10 years. The selected projects are those where nature plays its fundamental role on different levels, from suggestive metaphor to design strategy.

The book is divided basically in three macro themes; Manifesto, Key Strategy Files and Selected Works from 2006 to 2016.

Rich in high definition images, diagrams, technical drawings, as well theoretical texts this unique book format is directioned to architects, designers, stage designers, artists as well companies and institutions that would like to learn more about a biomimetic as a design strategy.

This book does not intend to exhaust conceptual or scientific paradigms or to address specific sustainability issues. It aspires to introduce experimental tools for creative innovation inspired by nature. 

A mechanical paradigm of our actual society is still mirrored by an architecture based on a pyramidal hierarchy. 

In the upcoming post-industrial era, social structure is evolving towards a more organic system. 

We believe that a synergetic and non-centralized society is already emerging and that a new architecture will manifest that evolution.