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Innovation through nature's intelligence

Design by Nature is a physical and digital platform that embrace programs of seminarsworkshops and custom made trainings. Our goal is to stimulate innovation in multiple formats as design, cultural, economy, R&D and science, through specific biomimetic methodology and immersive natural environment. 

Design by Nature proposes an unique educational and training experience for singulars, groups or companies with an architecture facility placed in two locations: Arca Lab part of Aldeia Rizoma community in Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest and Mamori Lab in Amazon Rain Forest

We believe that natural environment and derived development processes, create the most powerful and uniques conditions for innovation.

Design by Nature is an initiative produced by the education department of Atelier Marko Brajovic and coordinate by the architect Marko Brajovicdesigner Nacho Marti and biologist Alessandra Araujo.

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